Bubla.io News

Introducing Virus Farm!
10-10-2017, 23:25PM

The game mode "Virus Farm" has been added to the list of modes! Enjoy the crazy and addictive gameplay of cloning and eating viruses, and compete to become the best in the server! Have fun! :)

The Bots are Back!
08-10-2017, 7:45PM

After a lot of coding and pulled hairs, we've managed to get bots to work once again! We've opened up the bots section in the shop, so you can spend your coins on what you've been waiting for! :D

New Features
08-10-2017, 3:30PM

Hey there! We've added some new features to our client:

Press E to split bots
Press R to eject mass of bots
Press A to doublesplit
Press D to 16X
Press S to stop moving
Press T to stop moving bots

Connected to: Nothing!