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7500 Coins Giveaway Ended
11-11-2017 00:25 by Panoroma

Hey there, everyone! The giveaway is now officially over, and the following users have won 7500 coins:

  • Demian
  • TheCosmin
  • 9988
  • Ryuk
  • Entarx :D
To those who've won, congratulations! :D
If your name is not on the list, you can already try again in our newest 7500 coins giveaway: Link

Good luck, and enjoy playing! :)

7500 Coins Giveaway!
06-11-2017 12:55 by Panoroma

Hey there, players! We've decided to give away 7500 coins to 5 winners! You can join the giveaway by clicking this link: Giveaway.

And as always, don't forget to enjoy playing! :D

Leaderboard Colours!
03-11-2017 23:32 by Panoroma

Hey there, everyone! Our latest update has arrived on!

  • Leaderboard colours! You can now purchase a leaderboard colour (which can be changed) and a rainbow colour! These new options can be found in the shop.
  • We've moved the settings to its own window, and made it a bit more organised.
  • The customisable bot controls have been fixed.
Enjoy playing! :D

New Features
15-10-2017 13:25 by Panoroma

Hey there! We've added some new features to our client:

  • See how many players are online
  • See what server you're connected to
  • Join a different server in the same mode when the selected server is full
  • Top messages
  • Some minor design changes

The Bots are Back!
15-10-2017 13:25 by Panoroma

After a lot of coding and pulled hairs, we've managed to get bots to work once again! We've opened up the bots section in the shop, so you can spend your coins on what you've been waiting for! :D

Introducing Virus Farm!
15-10-2017 13:25 by Panoroma

The game mode "Virus Farm" has been added to the list of modes! Enjoy the crazy and addictive gameplay of cloning and eating viruses, and compete to become the best in the server! Have fun! :)

General Controls

Split cellsSpace
Stop movingS

Bot Controls

Stop moving botsT
Split botsE
Eject mass of botsR

General Settings

Animation Delay 120

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