Bubla.io Refunds Policy & How to get a refund

1. Refunds

Our Policty lasts 4 days. If 4 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer you any type of refund or exchange. to be eligible for a refund you must have used no more than 5% of your purchased time / coins.

  • If you share your account with someone and he/she uses the plan you have in your account we will not give you this plan back.
  • The time starts Countdown if you bought a Plan! Its your fault if you dont use them.
  • We preserve the right to cancel your membership and plan at anytime. We will offer a refund IF YOU ASK US DIRECTLY BEFORE USED MORE THEN 20% OF YOUR PLAN.
  • During maintenance breaks no refunds will be given until maintenance is completed.
  • You need to respect all rules of our public chat.
  • If you have question, please contact us.

  • Note: By buying a plan on our site, you accept our Terms & Conditions

    2. How to apply for a refund

  • To qualify for a refund you must have used less than 20% of your time left.
  • To get a refund visit our live support chatroom and submit a Contact form.